New Control Panel Design and Manufacturing Facility for ECC Automation

ecc-automation facility USA

ECC-Automation’s new facility in Westminster, MD USA

Electronic Control Corp has now expanded into a larger control panel design and manufacturing facility, located in Westminster, Maryland USA. The company relocated to accommodate increasing demands of existing and future design project and manufacturing production requirements. All design, engineering, fabrication and quality testing of their electronic control panels & components now happens here. Once the completed electronic control systems are approved, they are shipped out of the new location to the project site for installation.


New equipment for electronic control design & manufacturing

As part of their commitment to the highest standards for electronic control manufacturing, Electronic Control Corporation continues to invest in modern technology and equipment. For example, building high quality electronic controls requires an unfathomable amount of wiring. Assuring a control panel is built with speed and volume, while maintain the highest quality requires a wiring machine to meet the demand. So ECC recently procured a brand new Komax Kappa 320 Cut and Strip machine to use in their new manufacturing space. The Kappa 320 cuts to length and strips the ends with extreme precision. This Cadillac of a cut and strip machine automatically ink-labels the wiring as well – for specific identification requirements of a project.

“Our Komax wiring machine gives us peace of mind knowing that every wire is stripped perfectly and is always the correct length. Production time goes down and quality goes up because issues like conductor strands being nicked, or a wire being cut too short are issues of the past.” ~Bradley Keck, Communications Engineer

Other areas of the facility include offices with the latest computer systems and software for designing electronic control systems, as well as developing the logic for programmable logic controllers.

Electronic Control Corp manufactures every system to exceed expectations

ECC Automation engineers work closely with clients to make sure their design fulfills every requirement, prior to product assembly. Once assembled, every control panel undergoes extensive quality control evaluation and testing procedures. Their goal: provide the highest quality electronic control systems to exceed expectations – 100+% customer satisfaction. As part of this goal, they have now expanded into a new control panel design and manufacturing facility. The growing company has procured state-of-the-art equipment and technology, continuing to offer the best automation control systems. Learn more here at and contact Electronic Control Corp today, so they can hear more about your automation control challenges.