Order fully customizable control panels for your industrial application

Download Pump Control BrochureWhether your pump requires an automated simplex- duplex pump control or multiplex, Electronic Control Corporation can design and build an electronic pump control panel to handle your industrial application.

Every pump control panel we assemble and program is quality tested prior to leaving our US manufacturing facility. This ensures they operate at peak performance levels from the start of service.

Designed to fit into places with less wall space, ECC Automation pump control panels can be installed directly on pump station packages. The superior design also ensures that wiring and components are clean and precise within the pump control panel enclosure. This allows for quick and straightforward troubleshooting.

ECC Automation pump control panel applications include:

  • Wastewater / sewage pump control
  • Sewage treatment / pH level – chemical, recording and transfer
  • HVAC motor control – air handling, pressure, dampers and actuators
  • OEM Production
  • Day tank fuel level & transfer control
  • Booster pump controllers, maintaining constant pressure
  • Closed loop geothermal systems
  • Potable water
  • Compressed air and regulation of air pressure
  • Master pump controllers for flow control

Pump Control Panels For:

  • Master controllers
  • Lift stations
  • Transfer stations
  • Fill stations

Customization can include multiple configurations and sequencing.

Components & functions such as: lead / lag duplex pump control, single or dual power feeds, NEMA size starters and contactors, Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)PLC’s and HMI’s. ECC-Automation can integrate your pump control panel into BMS and BAS systems.

Download our pump control panel brochure for a fuller list of capabilities, including:

  • External devices such as floats, ultrasonic, discrete– and 4-20ma analog I/O
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • All NEMA type enclosures, including wall-mounted and floor-mounted